“Let’s Not Get Distracted by ‘Shiny Objects,’ President Trump’s ‘America First” Foreign Policy is Out of Sync with the 21st Century,” American Diplomacy (March/April 2017). Click here.

“In Defense of the ‘Obama Doctrine’: A Sober Reappraisal of the Limits of American Power,” American Diplomacy (October/November, 2016). Click here.

“The ‘Confessions’ of Robert McNamara: The War in Vietnam and the Lessons That Have Been Ignored,” The New England Journal of History, Fall 2014/Spring 2015. Volume 71, Number 1-2, p. 61-88. Click here.

“From Straight Lines to Complex Networks: A 21st Century Paradigm for Teaching History, ” World History Connected (October, 2012). Click here.

“Toward an Inclusive View of Humanity,” World History Connected (February, 2011). Click here.

“Japan’s Monroe Doctrine? Re-Framing the Story of Pearl Harbor,” The History Teacher (August, 2007). Click here.

“Reversing the ‘Disneyfication’ Process: Using Disney Films to Debunk Stereotypes and Oversimplification in Middle and High School Social Science Courses,” World History Connected (October, 2007). Click here.

The Guardians of Progress: The First Generation of “Action Intellectuals” and America’s Failed Search for a New World Order Since 1917. PhD. Dissertation, 1999, Clark University. Click here.

The Quest For Survival: A Framework for World History , New England Regional World History Association Newsletter (Spring, 1995). Click here.

* * *

“The Arab Roots of Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain,” All About Jazz (May 17, 2009). Click here.

“Paris Blues: Expatriate American Jazz Musicians and the City of Lights,” Jazz Times (July, 2009). Click here.

“Toward an Inclusive Narrative: Jazz and the Power of Borrowing Across Cultures,” Jazz Times (July, 2009). Click here.

Using interactive/ multimedia tools for scholarship

Jazz: An Introduction to America’s Art Form (click here for jazz booklet)

Jazz and Arab Music, using interactive media to illustrate the idea of cultural diffusion. Click here.

Jazz, Race and Postwar France. Click here.


“From Meat and Potatoes to a 21st Century Curriculum: Creating a Global Curriculum at Worcester Academy” at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference, Boston, March, 2006. Click here.



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