Portfolio of student work (experimenting with a new format, click here)


  • World Civilization II, Research Projects, 2105-2016 (click here, here and here).
  • World Civilizations II, Islam in History, 2015-2016 (click here)
  • Graduation Projects (click here for Capstone Journals  and click here for Real-world Project videos), 2009-2014
  • The War Memorials Project at Worcester Academy, American Studies, 2014-2015 (click here).
  • Final Projects, Introduction to Ethics, Spring 2015 (click here).
  • Student Films on the U.S. Constitution, 2014 (click here) and Presidential power, 2015 (click here).
  • AP World History ebook, 2012 (click here)
  • AP World History Collection of Top Essays, 2008-2012 (click here).
  • AP World History Videos on the Rise of Islam, 2012 (click here)
  • Ebook project, 9th grade World Civilizations I, 2013-14 (click here)
  • Urban Issues, 11th and 12th grade, 2013-2014 (click here)
  • American Studies, 11th grade, 2013-2014, student-constructed-websites on:
    • (1) images of women, 1880s to 1960s (click here);
    • (2) economic trends, 1880s to 1960’s (click here);
    • (3) shifts in U.S. foreign policy, 1880s to 1960s (click here)
    • (4) immigration patterns, 1880s to 1960s (click here)
  • My Youtube Video Collection/ Most of it Consists of Student work (click here)
  • Power Point Projects (click here).

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